Sandy Williams

A Letter from BEAST

Dear Daniel Pardis,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Academic Evaluation Committee of BEAST (Baccalaureate of Expressive Arts and Somatic Transformation) to inform you that you will not be graduating from your final year and must spend another year in the body of your spirit animal.


Your Love And Where You Can Take It: A Motivational Manifesto Or Now You’re The Goddamn Star!

Do what you love!


Do you feel love, doing what you’re doing right now?

Do you feel like a powerful star whose gravity holds aloft the very heavens? Do you feel warm and tingly? Both excited but also kind of dizzy? If so, that’s love you’re feeling. You’re that star, and from now on you should only ever feel like that.

It’s up to brave hearts

I’m not saying we always thought we were doing the Right Thing. But we never thought we were wrong. There were times we were unsure but we soldiered on; times our faith wavered, bringing forth the briefest of pauses.


I'm sorry

I’m writing you to say, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for all of it; the hurt, the anger, the sadness.


Gideons kleine leger

Eens moet je het roomse van je afschudden. Niet meer het schijnheilige boontje uithangen. En durven om, net als de oudtestamentische rechter Gideon, plaatselijke heilige huisjes in te trappen. Maar waar te beginnen? Rekto:verso vroeg vier creatievelingen met buitenlandse achtergrond naar de Lage Landen te kijken: welke onbesproken gebruiken, verborgen taboes en onaantastbare schijnwaarheden beheersen ons cultuurlandschap?